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Privacy Policy

WebMusic.iN which is an mp3 search engine, is not a commercial site, does not charge any payment to its users, does not promise any rewards or payments to users who add their mp3 site/pages to the database.

WebMusic.iN does not request any personal information (identity info, bank accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) from its users. The E-Mail addresses of the users are not given to third parties, and will not be used to gain profit.

WebMusic.iN will provide any information, except user's personal info, to the companies that request help in legal methods. In fact, no personal information is stored in our database.

WebMusic.iN can not be held responsible about the problems that the site providing mp3 files might encounter, or server down times. Site owners are responsible about their site's security and maintenance. Problems between users or users and site owners are to be solved by themselves.

WebMusic.iN accepts no obligations in cases like system crashes, trojan hacks, or other damages caused by the files you have downloaded through our service. WebMusic.iN does not provide any files, it's just a search engine for your music needs. If you have any doubts about your system security please download KASPERSKY (www.kaspersky.com) and check your system. KasperSky is a freeware anti-virus utility written and provided by KasperSky. There is no commercial bounds between KasperSky and WebMusic.iN.

WebMusic.iN uses cookies to identify its users. Cookies make no damage to your system, and does not cause any security leaks. The cookies used by WebMusic.iN does not hold any unwanted information, and will make no damage to your hardware or software.

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